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Pootugadu Review

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Pootugadu Review

Release date: 14 September 2013 

A to Z Bulletin Review: 3/5

Cast & Crew

Producers: Sirisha and Sridhar
Director: Pavan wadeyar
Hero: Manchu Manoj
Heroines: Sakshi Chowdhary, Simran Kaur Mundi, Rachel and Anupriya


Govindu (Name of Manoj in this flick) is a young man who wants to commit suicide and goes to a alone place to commit suicide and there he decides to have a last sip of drink. At the same time, Venkat Ratnam (Posani Krishna Murali) comes to the same place to commit suicide. Both sit down and talks about their life stories.
Govindu narrates his 4 love stories.

First, a romantic love story with Vaidehi (Simran Kaur), daughter of a rich Brahmin. The love story fails because Vaidehi’s father is against their love affair.

Second, Govindu falls in love with Mumtaz (Sakshi Choudhary). Due to the comments made by  Govindu when he was in drunken state, the love story goes off.

Third, a love story with foreign woman Stacy (Rachel). As other previous love stories this story also goes off due to some fuss.

Fourth, this is the final love story of Govindu with Mary (Anupriya) .Govindu experiences a true love unlike others. However, due to a astounding truth about Mary, Govindu hear goes off and therefore he wants to commit suicide. 
Remaining story is of unexpected tragedies.

Plus Points:

Manoj’s presence, action sequences and dialogue delivery are big assets for this flick. Other comedy actors like Ali and Raghu Babu did well. Posani performance was outstanding in this flick. Songs sung by Manoj and Simbu sounds good.
Other plus points to mention are background score by Achu, Editing etc.,  One more thing to mention is Cinematography, which was outstanding.

Minus Points:

‘Simran and Rachel’ roles were of nothing (particularly role of Rachel as Stacy was irritating).More number of love tracks (4 love stories) may not work out with A class viewers and also with B and C.
Poor finishing episode 


‘Potugadu’ is of a entertaining first half. But second half dragged down. Watch the movie for cracking performances from Manoj and Posani and also some great songs.

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