Thursday, October 03, 2013

Forwarding IELTS Score

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Forwarding IELTS Score


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For those who are taking IELTS through British Council, there is a free score reporting option to about 5 universities. Unfortunately, IDP is not providing this facility of free score reporting.
IELTS Score must be forwarded to the University so that they will conform your admit. For those who had taken IELTS through IDP, Score Reporting manner is as follows:

  • Get the Additional TRF (Test Report Form) in the IDP IELTS Official Site (TRF will be in PDF format). In every TRF form you can fill only Two Universities. For those applying 4 or more Universities take required amount print outs of Additional TRFs.
  • IDP provided two facilities of Score Reporting, one is Ordinary score reporting which costs 250/- and another one is of 1250/- for each university.
  • Take a DD of 1250/- when you are applying for one university in favor of “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PVT LTD” payable at “NEW DELHI” (When you are applying for 5 universities go for a single DD of 6250/-).
  • Courier your filled Additional TRF(s) and DD (write your passport number and name on backside) to any of the IDP branches when you are away from an IDP branch. You can submit your TRF(s) and DD by hand in any of the branches when you are nearby an IDP branch.
Important when taking DD is, don’t even miss a letter in “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PVT LTD”. For example if you take DD in favor of IDP EDUCATION PVT LTD or if you take DD in favor of IDP EDUCATIONAL INDIA PVT LTD they will simply reject your submission of Additional TRF. So, make sure that you are taking DD in favor of “IDP EDUCATION INDIA PVT LTD” payable at “NEW DELHI”.

IDP branches will be in main cities of your State (Hyderabad in AP, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and Bangalore in Karnataka etc.). When you are nearby an IDP branch submit your TRF(s) and DD by hand.

Note: Don’t forget to write your Passport number and name on backside of your DD.

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