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Want to do projects under US Professors ?

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How many you know about USES (Unites States Educational Services) ???

USES is a core group running in India by Faculty members of multiple US Universities. you can have a look at official site of USES

What they do ?

Currently they are providing varied number of services like counseling/guiding aspirants who are willing to pursue their Graduate or Undergraduate Degree programs in US Universities.

Important Facility 

One more important service they are providing to students is doing a project with Faculty members from US Universities. Sounds Good, isn't it ?  

Under this program, students will be teamed up to form a group (Mostly 10-15 members), this team works along with faculty members of US Universities. Project may last for 2-3 weeks.

About Project

Under this project you will be given with set of assignments, written submissions and mini project execution modules. US Faculty teach/guide team members through online about the project and will take your idea into consideration. Since, it will be done online, you can work from current location where you sit/stay.

How will this project help ?

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By doing this project under the supervision of US Faculty Members
  • Your report will be graded in US
  • You will be awarded with a certificate.
  • Chances of getting VISA will skyrocket
What you are waiting for ? Hurry-up
Go and contact USES

They will take limited members to form a team (your GPA/Academic Profile doesn't matter) .Already 47 students from India participated and got their Certificates in summer, 2012. 

Opposite to Chocolate Room,
Contact Number: 040-65190222

Now this USES body is headed by 
Dr. Prasad Rao
California State University, Fullerton

Have any Quires ?

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    1. Hello Himanshu

      Contact USES
      >Opposite to Chocolate Room,
      Contact Number: 040-65190222
      E-mail -

  2. Can i opt for it now ?? is there no official website on net ?



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