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List 1: Fall 2014 Deadlines for Low Profile Universities (260-300)

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Here are the Fall 2014 Deadlines for some of the low profile universities

A list of more universities will be updated soon

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1. Northwest Missouri State University

Deadline: July 1st

2. Lamar University

Priority Deadline: April 15th
Final Deadline:     June 1st

3. Illinois State University

Application Deadline:              May 1st
Required Docement Deadline: June 1st

4. University of Louisville

Deadline: May 1st

5. Texas A & M University, Commerce

Graduate deadlines varies with the major you prefer

Deadline: Generally it will be march 1st

6. Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Deadline: May 1st
Financial Aid Deadline:For Financial Aid priority deadline is February 15th.

7. Florida International University

Deadline: February 15th

8. Western Kentucky University

Priority Deadline: January 15th
Rolling Admissions 

9. Bradley University

Deadline: May 15th

10. Cleveland State University

Deadline: Not Specified

Mostly deadline will be April 29th

Note: One must submit their application and documents (College/university transcripts:PC, CMM, Grade/Mark Sheets, GRE, IELTS/TOEFL score cards, LORs, SOP, Resume, Other Certificates if any Bank Statement, Passport copies etc.,) ahead to the deadline mentioned by the university. Most of the universities will extend deadline for the earlier applicants if their documents are incomplete but some universities won't. So, make sure that you are submitting all the required documents prior to the deadline for the admit to be granted.

GRE and UG GPA Requirements for some of the above mentioned Universities (Addressed by them)

Northwest Missouri State University
  • Minimum GRE Requirement: 142 in Quantitative, 143 in Verbal and AWA not mentioned
  • Other Requirements: 2.50 GPA in Undergraduate
Illinois State University
  • 2013 Admitted students average GPA score: 2.79-3.48
  • Minimum GRE Requirement: 140 in Quantitative, 143 in Verbal or 300 overall and AWA not mentioned
University of Louisville
  • Minimum GRE Requirement: Combined score of 295
  • 2.75 GPA
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • 2.70 GPA in UG
Florida International University
  • Minimum of 148 score in Quantitative and UG GPA of 3.00
Western Kentucky University
  • Minimum Verbal score of 143 and 3.5 in AWA
  • 3.5 GPA in UG
Bradley University
  • Conditional Admit for 2.5 GPA in UG and Full admit for those having 3.0 GPA
  • IELTS: 6.5
Cleveland State University
  • 137 in Verbal session (5 percentile)
  • 158 in Quantitative session (43 percentile)
  • 2.75 UG GPA
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  1. can you please tell me requirements for san jose state, university of California san dieago and university of California berkley i had around 20-24 backlogs now all cleared with 50.79% in btech(MDU) ,60% in 12th an 65'5 in 10.

    1. Hi Adi

      San Jose State University has started their Fall 2014 intake on 1st of October.

      Here is the link for Fall Deadlines which depicts deadlines for various majors >

      GRE Requiremnts (as mentioned in their offical site): For CS: 294
      For EE: 312
      For ME: 312
      TOEFL: Paper based: 550
      Internet based: 80
      Computer based: 213

      IELTS: 7.0

      If you won't meet general requirements, you will be awarded with a conditional admit

  2. can u please tell me exact gre score for bradley university please??

    1. They haven't specified any GRE Score Requirement for giving away admit. However, you can contact Graduate Advisor and ask them to provide info related to Average GRE score of their admitted students

      For CS:
      Graduate Program Coordinator
      Dr. Jiangbo Liu, (309) 677-2386,
      Graduate Advisor
      Dr. Young Park, (309) 677-2457,

      For EE
      Graduate Program Coordinator
      Dr. Prasad Shastry, (309) 677-2733,

  3. dead lines for 1)university of texas ,arlington
    2)george masson university
    3)oklahoma state university
    4)university of missouri
    5)new jersey institute of technlgy

    1. Dear Shalini Reddy

      Below are the Fall deadlines for above specified universities by you

      1) University of Texas, Arlington - May 1st
      2) George Masson University - Not yet mentioned
      3) Oklahoma State University - March 1st
      4) University of Missouri, Columbia - Not yet mentioned (Generally march 1st week)
      5) New Jersey Institute of Technology - May 1st
      (Financial aid consideration deadline - January 15th )

  4. can u provide the information regarding total expenditure required for MS in US n also ,living and housing and so on...????

  5. Hello...
    My GRE score is 298 (142 V and 158 Q), TOEFL yet to be taken
    Engg. in CS with 74% No backlogs
    12th: 67%
    10th: 75%

    Can you please suggest me some university which best fit according to my profile for MS in CS
    or in Mathematical Finance? I am looking for US as well as other places too. (except UK and Australia)

  6. Hello...
    My GRE score is 278 , TOEFL yet to be taken
    Engg. in ECE with 68%
    12th: 84%
    10th: 72%

  7. heloo i Have In GRE:
    Verbal 138
    Quantitative 151
    TOEFL ibt = 104
    Which uni to apply >?
    I am an international student , should I have an evaluation by foreign credits to my grades and degree ?

  8. Hello Team,

    Thanks for your information.

    Could you please help me with my profile evaluation.

    10th: 80%,
    12: 79%,
    B.Tech: 69.51% (7 backlogs),
    GRE: 286 (Q - 150, V - 136, AWA - 2.5 : written in 2011)
    Having 3.7 years of experience in an MNC till date.
    Looking for MS in CS in USA for Fall - 2015.
    Planning to give IELTS & estimated to score around 6.5 / 7 bands overall.

    Could you please guide me, I'm very glad if anyone could help me.

    Suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks & Regards,



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