Sunday, December 20, 2015

NPU & SVU Universities: Immigration: blacklisted ???

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Well !
There is a news which is going viral starting yesterday

Some says, Immigration officers are not allowing students with NPU & SVU Universities VISA at the port of entry in SFO

others and a media channel in Telangana saying, USA has blacklisted this Universities and immigration officers sent out a note stating don't allow students with  NPU & SVU Universities VISA to board flights in INDIA

Here is the link to news published by V6 news channel:

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Meanwhile NPU has sent the below note to all the applicants:

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  1. So what's the actual reason bro?
    any official statement

  2. I think they are realley blacklisted because if due to terrorist atacks students were not allowed to enter us then why the students who got admisison in other univ are allowed...? Why only students of npu and svu are only sent bank to india

    1. Nothing to worry myson was happy there

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Recently provincial governments of Australian capital territory - ACT, Western Australia - WA have either re opened the nomination schemes or have made substantial changes in their skilled migration initiatives by including some new and excluding some of the professions from their state bases skilled professionals tabulations.

  4. Well, this is rough. And no actual reason at all, no official statements or something like that. That is sad.



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